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Hun spinning problems?

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  • Hun spinning problems?

    Hey guys I'm having issues with going thru hubs on my mako. I'm running a 98 merc 250efi on my 224. With a stainless 21p quicksilver prop with flo torq hubs. I got one who day fishing offshore on my last one and my second trip out on it it went about 15 miles out. That's my third hub. I'm making sure it's fully seated after installing it and re check it after water testing it it's nice and tight. I'm not sure what's going on. I read that possible my egt is high? Not sure

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    have you checked the end play on the shaft? It sounds like you're having a lot of movement there so maybe a lower unit issue.


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      End play is good, I did some research today and came up with this, mercurys run a poppet valve and that valve can corrode shut, causing the engine running temp to be higher than normal, not to the point of over heating but enough to make the exhaust temp higher too. After extended periods of running the motor with these higher temp, the plastic hub starts to get hot and brittle or weakened. my last hub actully looked like it started to melt. well ipulled the poppet today and sure enough was very coroded. so im gonna start there