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How much to fix the transom and stringers 1975 20ft mako?

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  • How much to fix the transom and stringers 1975 20ft mako?

    I’ve found this mako and fell in love with it. It’s an awesome boat that I would love to have. The issue is the transom does have a few problem areas and IF I buy this boat I would like to to completely redo it myself or to have a shop do it for me.
    it will need a new transom, I’m assuming stringers. It has a newer fuel tank that was installed in 2001 When the 225 merc was installed. He did say that the transom and stringers were replaced in 2001 as well ( paper work on fuel tank and motor install; not on stringers or transomanything else)
    what do you think the shop price would be to work on the hull itself? I know that some shops will be higher or lower than others. I just want a rough estimate before I talk to any shops.

    what would be the price to do myself?
    This will be my first boat project so I’m not sure if it would be to much for me; however I would not mind the challenge..

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    Where are you located? 5 to 10K ?


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      I am located in Fernandina beach Fl.


      • dfranzen
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        It depends how you want to fix the transom, total resto or add support layers if its running and not falling off you can add some steel support plates very cheap fix and keeps you going through the season or more!

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      By the way I’m in Jax Beach if you need some help!


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        I have been running a 1975 26' cc for 12 years, great boat. She has twin 350 chevy inboards. Fuel tanks were replaced right before i took over the boat. engines have 600 hrs. If anyone has any questions, I am quite familiar with the boat. Have a great summer. JC


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          I’m the owner of Hull Healers in Mayport. Give me a call tomorrow. I can certainly help you out.
          NEVER buy a boat as an investment. MakoVer Marine Restoration: 1977 Mako 17 1985 Mako 238 WA 1973 Mako 20


          • wishin_I_was_fishin
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            Just realized this post is old, however, if you still need a local shop, I can help. Or, I can at least help my fellow local mako owners with not having to pay retail for materials.