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  • Hello, new member, '95 232

    Hello ladies and gents. I picked up a 95 Mako 232 in Oct 2019 on a trade for some work. I'm 47 years old and this is my first boat. A late bloomer for sure but I hope to make up for all of the lost time. Boat will be a pleasure craft for the family and friends. And I hope to bond with lots of fishing trips with my now 9 year old son. Might even be able to get my dad on board one of these days. I beg of y'alls patience as I'm sure I'll ask plenty of stupid questions and misnomer plenty of boating terms.

    Boat's in decent shape, at least IMO. It needs some cosmetic work, no doubt. Biggest item on the radar right now is getting it out of the water and cleaning and stripping the bottom, then getting some fresh bottom paint on there. I live in Hollywood Isles in Hollywood, FL (Sheridan St and I-95) and have it in the water on my dock. The water here is quite brackish as we are about a 45 minute trip from the intracoastal. But the boat was picked up from Keystone Point (North Miami) where it was in the water for close to ten years and plenty of marine life made a home of its bottom. It also needs a general deep cleaning and polish and all of the cushions replaced. The dash will be modernized hopefully soon. Everything works OK but definitely showing signs of wear. The t-top structure could also use a modern touch with powder coating. I'm thinking a nice gloss black would do nicely but that's on the wish list for the moment.

    Mechanically it's also in decent shape. First thing I replaced was the bilge pump float which was always running the pump. I've also replaced the engine coolant temp sensors on the 2002 Merc Optimax. That was a scary 45 minutes navigating home with an alarm that would not go off and the engine not going over 1200 rpm. I risked it knowing it was possible I could damage the engine but also knowing that the engine computer was in a limp home mode and it would hopefully protect it. I also changed leaky seals in the helm pump and steering cylinder. And the fuel sender which was always reading empty. When I get it out of the water I need to change the lower unit oil and water pump as who knows when the last time that was done. Plugs and wires can be done on the water and I've just procrastinated on that.

    Anyhow, enough dribble. Attached are some pics I took of it today. And if anyone has any recommendations on where to take this thing to get it out of the water, please let me know. I'm contemplating all options on getting the bottom clean from borrowing a trailer and doing it in my driveway or just letting a pro do it all. Any and all advice is welcome.

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    nice rig, if your gonna be keeping that boat in the water, even if not do yourself a favor and add a 2nd bilge pump, my 241 almost sunk when I first got it the one pump on there was way too small and failed after a monsoon summer storm. 2-1500 to 2000 gph pumps with free standing float switches hard wired to different batteries will be a lot more piece of mind


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      Yeah, the thought had crossed my mind. I didn't think about it from that perspective, but just as redundancy for likely the most important equipment on a boat. In the first picture you might see my neighbors 22' Century. That was taking on water for some reason and I believe he's seasonal so he wasn't aware of it sinking. I knocked and his neighbor came out and was able to get the situation handled. The water only got to the level of the platform so no damage was done.


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        Nice looking boat for sure!....I think it's worth spending some time and money into grandson and I have the 1996 Mako Shark 201 ........ 225 hp Suzuki,I like the flotation step,we need one of them,love it,will try and post some pics


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          Launching our 1996 Mako Shark '201 at long beach,ca....heading out for Pacific lobsters 5 drop nets,22/23rd Feb 2020,left at 9pm back at 5 am (caught 7 large ones)..Click pic 3 times to enlarge!


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            1996 Mako 201........


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              Wellfield, that thing must fly and the fuel economy must be fantastic! Very nice looking boat. Hope to get mine looking half as good in the next few months.


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                Originally posted by hectorsn View Post
                Wellfield, that thing must fly and the fuel economy must be fantastic! Very nice looking boat. Hope to get mine looking half as good in the next few months.
                Yea' it hauls!....good luck on your new project!


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                  Went lobster fishing wed night mar 4th 2020 along Los Angeles breakwater...hoop nets,caught seven big keepers!


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                    Welcome to the group! Fantastic model with the 232, it will be very rewarding. Good luck on the clean up, lots of great information on this site to help and many owners that offer good sound solutions. Looking forward to your progress reports!
                    Thanks, Mr. Happy
                    Home waters - LBI NJ
                    1997 Mako 232