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    The wife has wanted a Mako for as long as I can recall. Last year we sold our ProLine 231W/A and decided we were just going to wait until the right boat came along. 2 requirements, recent 4 stroke Yamaha and it had to be a Mako. Last week we found her and brought her home.

    Cosmetically rough, a few stupid things electrically, a couple of scary thru-hulls, and the usual used boat stuff. Sea trial went great, motor performed flawlessly (supposedly only 123 hours according to the digital hour meter).

    Didn't come with a trailer so we had to rent one, 110 miles there, 110 miles back.

    We got her in the driveway and started to take stock, you know find all the things you didn't see when you were doing your pre-purchase inspection. I knew one of the thru-hulls had to be replaced ASAP (sadly I never got a before picture but it was really scary). I couldn't find a decent backing plate or anything close to it locally so I had to make one myself. It wasn't exactly what I wanted, and I really wanted to put a seacock in there but I decided I'd hold off until I have time to rework all the thru-hulls.

    Timing was pretty bad, we only had the trailer for the weekend and we had a tropical storm on the way. What made matters worse was our boat lift just got installed but we didn't have the power run to it yet so she would have to stay in the water. That coupled with the fact it has, with what I believe to be a less than reliable bilge pump, made for a nerve racking few days.

    Anyway, storm is gone she fared well except for the T-Top canvas which we fully expected to lose (and were already awaiting quotes on).

    So now we're here, looking to startup a project page and document our progress. I'm sure we'll be asking lots of questions and looking forward to getting everyone's answers!

    - Bill, Hester, and Penelope.

    1988 Mako 231[br]2008 Yamaha F225

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    congratulations and welcome! is that a 231b?
    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
    1985 Mako 20c - sold
    Fort Walton Beach, FL


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      is that a 231b?

      Good question, what would make it a "b"? Not sure I have a way to tell wether or not it's a "b".
      1988 Mako 231[br]2008 Yamaha F225


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        Well, according to, they didn't seem to make a B designation. But who knows.

        Are you thinking because of the closed transom? I'm pretty sure that's a retrofit. They did a fairly decent job blending it in honestly, I'm pretty sure that wasn't factory.
        1988 Mako 231[br]2008 Yamaha F225