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  • New to Forum and Mako Ownership

    Hey folks, I am new to Mako ownership but have fished on them for years. I picked up my '78 236 from my brother a few months back. This has been a great learning experience regarding operating an inboard. This forum has already been a great source of info for me... Thanks! In the few months I have had the boat, and besides engine maintenance, I have installed upper station steering and throttles, new cushions, new rocket launcher (not pictured), and led spreaders. Trailer rehab is next and electrical will be sandwiched between fishing and hunting season. Looking forward to contributing on here.

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    Here is my 236... I need to work on my photobucket skills!



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      Welcome to CM! Nice looking rig
      1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
      1985 Mako 20c - sold
      Fort Walton Beach, FL


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        sweet little tower! Welcome to CM!

        What do you have for power "under the hood"?
        [br]DonK[br]Boca Raton, FL[br]1979 236IB: \'The Fish Tank\'[br]1979 Backcountry 18 \'Boner\'[br]<>< <>< <>< <>< ><> J[br]Redneck Troubleshooting:[br]1) If it moves, but ain\'t supposed to, use Duct Tape[br]2) If it don\'t move, but supposed to, use WD40[br]3) If that don\'t fix it, it\'s electrical![br]


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          Thanks guys. FishTank, I have a carbureted marine 350 running an Acme prop. So far, my best cruise is around 3K running 24mph in the gulf.