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Questions '72 Mako 19 "refreshing"

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  • Questions '72 Mako 19 "refreshing"

    So I'm in the middle of "refreshing" my new Mako 19 and although this site has been helpful it's also a pain. The search function hasn't worked for me since I signed up and the process to post pics is totally archaic!

    My "refreshing" will include new gauges (temp, fuel, RPM, volt), steering wheel & throttle - previous owner had super cheap versions of both, I bought a single Teleflex MT3 throttle and a SS 3 spoke wheel. I'm completely re-wiring the console as well and going to fill some of the holes in the console with epoxy and csm. Motor has already been overhauled (water pump, fuel pump, starter, plugs, etc).

    My questions are (since I can't get them answered using a search):

    1. I'm having all the teak refinished and would like to know which are the best latches to use to secure fish well covers & rear hatch on console.