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Transom/Bracket Crack

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  • Transom/Bracket Crack

    Transom/Bracket cracks,DO you guys think this is Structural or cosmetic? I am looking to buy this boat.Boat looks good other then this .One engine is getting a new power head as we speak.I will not be using the engines.Figured if they are rebuilding it i will take it .I will just sell them .

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    Sorry Guys ,94 261 ,Not sure if its a 261 B or 261 .I am thinking 261,only form the info the google is giving me


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      I think I'd have a really hard time hanging $40,000 worth of new power on that transom. I'm no expert but it doesn't look good to me.
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        I agree with Kings Pointer. You can get a plastic or rubber mallet and pound around the transom and I bet you will here two different sounds. If the sound is the same, I'd pull the screws from the transducer and see if they are wet or water comes out.
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          It looks like a 282 which was the same hull as 261 but they added a fiberglass transom bracket to the mold the 261 had no bracket and the 261B had a( bracket ) added to the 261 but that boat had a full transom the 282 is known for the transom addition being very weak... beware


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            The coast guard ordered a recall on that boat and tracker did NOThing about it


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              This is sounding like its not a great idea .Thanks for all you input !!! Helped me not make a discussion .

              I found a few Mako family 261's ,i just do not know anyone if West palm Beach Fl that can do a transom or floor if needed,any Ideas ???