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Picked up a '72 Mako 19 Today

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  • Picked up a '72 Mako 19 Today

    Psyched, 88 hp Johnson which was fully overhauled in 2011 but has sat ever since, new gas tank, fuel lines, etc.

    What would you all recommend doing before I take her out on the water? I was going to lubricate some moving parts - turn the key and see what happens.



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    1st Congrats on the new to you Mako !!

    I would recommend taking to an outboard mechanics shop and have them check the engine out before just turning the key. Water pump replacement, Lower unit oil change. Carbs cleaned. and general tune up.

    When they sit that long it can have you chasing your tail getting all of that sorted out. Also would check the fuel in tank for water sitting like that can leave a lot of condensation in the tank.

    I guess what I am trying to say is go through the fuel system, electrical system and the engine before just trying to run it. It will likely save you many headaches going forward.

    Congrats and good luck with your purchase !!
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