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    Back in the early 2000s I feel in love with a friends 23' Mako around Martha's Vineyard. I grew up with a Newport Whaler, also a great boat but quite different. I liked the Mako's flexibilty. Now I'm in a position to potentially get a boat in the spring, I'm torn on what to look for. This is MY first boat, while I've had a Whaler in the family for years, I've never been responsible for maintenance, etc.

    I'm in between a 19' or a ~23' Mako, I think the 23' foot will be better suited for Connecticut shores off Clinton to Watch Hill.

    I live close to the shore and should be able to tow either with my SC F150. I have a young family 3 kids ages 1-6. Any opinions? I'm not so concerned with initial expenditure as I am with gas cost every time I run. I am not looking to spend $500 on gas every time I head out on the weekend.

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    I just picked up my first boat after using my dads and uncles for a few years and got a deal on a solid running 21'. all i can say is u cant go wrong with any of these mako's. As always if you can find a sold 23' footer go for it bigger is always better right[]. My 2 cents is go 21-23 for me the 19 and 20 just dont have a big enough freeboard and thats for me and my college friends with little kids id want the highest freeboard possible
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      My primary usage for my boat is fishing. For years I thought I wanted to sell my walk around and get a center consul. I as well have a young family and they get a lot of use out of the cabin. My wife is able to store any and everything she wants and a dry accessible location. The kids have a place to get out of the sun, take a nap, and play. We were caught several times by storms and family had a place to get out of the weather. Even for me when I'm fishing for the cabin offers a lot more protection than the center consul. I'm not a Fairweather fisherman so this makes it nice. Friends of mine who have center consuls in the same size boat do not write as nice as mine. The added weight of the cab it makes for a smoother ride Then a boat about the same size.
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        Go with a 23' or 22' with that crew.

        The gas usage will depend on what engine is on it.

        And you don't have to go with a 4 stroke.
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          I have a 1990 230 W/A with an ETEC 250 with 80 hours on it. The entire boat has been redone. Paint, wiring engine bracket all lights, powder coating, cushions and pumps. Aluminum trailer just serviced with new tires.

          email me if interested.

          brettmcg230 at
          1998 253 W/A Suzuki 300


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              What? Above. Not OP.

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