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1980 Mako 17

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  • 1980 Mako 17

    New guy here, how do I check the condition of the fuel tank on a prospective purchase? The owner is using a portable tank, he says the internal does not feed. There is one soft spot forward of the console front seat.


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    a 1980 using a portable is a pretty good clue it is time to replace the tank.

    lots of tank replacement threads on here, my link below and search "classic mako tank replace" and you'll get lots.

    you can check under the console for an inspection 'pie plate' access, any gas odor = replace, but if it has not been used in awhile there may not be much smell.
    Richard Snyder[br]Wachapreague, VA[br][br][br]


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      Thanks DukeS, you saved me a bundle. I'm in the 4th quarter(76 years old) and don't have a two minute offence; on to the next 17 quest.


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        look for one already restored.

        Most, if not all, restorations cost more time and $$ than they sell for, and most do them for sentimental reasons, with their own time added 'for free', and for the sense of accomplishment and knowing the job gets done right.

        Car, truck, motorcycle, airplane, etc., restorations are the same.

        If you want one to drive and use, buy it restored already.

        If you want to work on one, buy it 'restorable'

        Post pictures on your prospects and you'll get opinions here!

        Definitely post pictures of the one you decide on.

        Richard Snyder[br]Wachapreague, VA[br][br][br]