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  • Remove paint from hull

    Hello, I just got an older mako and getting ready to clean her up.

    One of the previous owners painted the boat name on the hull sides and I would like to remove it.

    The hull is a '72 and I don't know if I can just use some paint stripper on a small rage or what..

    Hull needs other work and probably will be all refurbished next winter and for now is just a beater fishing boat.

    Thanks for any tips.

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    Try a small spot and see what happens. I wonder what kind of paint they used
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      My 20C had a painted name on the side of it when I bought it. A little bit of easy off oven cleaner (not the cheap dollar store stuff) and it came right off. Do not get it on your trailer, and keep a water hose nearby. Depending on how long it's been on the boat, you may need to wet sand the gel coat underneath the name as it will be a different color and raised up as it hasn't worn away like the rest of the hull.
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