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Search Funtion on Classic Mako

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  • Search Funtion on Classic Mako

    It seems that most folks here think that the search function is broken. We I'm here to tell you that I use it and it is only half broken.

    When on the search page, enter your search criteria in the box beside "Search for".

    Go down to the "Search In" box and change "ENTIRE MESAGE" to "SUBJECT ONLY" in the drop down box.

    Click "Search" and you will find loads of info on your search criteria, If that criteria is in the thread subject.

    Hope this helps.

    Most say the Google search works better but I have not had to use that. Someone please chime in with the Google search criteria. I think it goes something like this example: " mako 231"

    Thanks and Good Luck searching.
    OBX, NC - 1992 Mako M-231 - 99 Yamaha ox66 225 -Sold-[br]

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    I find that Google lets you really get percise as most people don't but much information in the subject line and certainly follow-up responses where most of the really useful information is found doesn't show up.
    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
    1985 Mako 20c - sold
    Fort Walton Beach, FL


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      Really cool link Sailor . Thanks!
      OBX, NC - 1992 Mako M-231 - 99 Yamaha ox66 225 -Sold-[br]