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engine stalling at high speed

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  • engine stalling at high speed

    Hi guys,

    I have a 1979 Mako 21 which I cosmetically and mechanically restored. It has a 98 Yamaha V6 200 on it and it has been updated with new fuel pumps and various other things and it starts and runs very well except until recently when it stalled out at higher speeds. It starts right back up after that and runs like nothing happened until the next stall. I think it is a fuel issue. I noticed the primer bulb is completely collapsed when this happens. Fuel filter is fairly new. Any ideas whats causing this? Thanks

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    Possibly a deformed fuel hose has collapsed thanks the ethanol fuels, or the pickup tube in the tank is clogged, or a kink in the hose, or a closed fuel valve on the tank?
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      I'd start replacing the fuel line from the take all the way to your motor, even replace your bulb. Make sure all of your connections are tight. If it still stalls, then you may need to adjust your carburetors.
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        Thanks for your suggestions on my issue. I am going to check on some of this today. The motor is fuel injected so there won't be an issue with dirty carburetors but I'm going to check all connections I know the fuel line has been replaced all the way from motor to tank as well. I'll check on those things today and let you know what I found.