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  • Water over the transom was out fishing the other day..drifting in my 231. The seas were relatively calm and we were drifting through a rip with choppy one foot waves slapping the stern. When the stern would settle into a trough It seemed like an awful lot of water came over the transom compared to my old 21 foot in the same situation. The deck drains in this boat exit the transom via hoses and thru-hulls below the water line so it takes a while to drain off the overflow out of the motor well and of course the cycle is repeated before the well empties completely. Has anyone else dealt with this. The boat is an "88 231 with a 2010 Yamaha 200 hp HPDI 2 stroke. I don't think engine weight should be an issue... I would be interested in hearing anyone else's similar experiences with this and how they might have dealt with it or at least hearing it's just an idiosyncrasy of this model year...

    Thanks in advance

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    I had the same problem with my 231. I moved as much weight forward as possible. Batteries under console, gear etc. Used aluminum channel and starboard to build splash guard on each side of motor. This solved around 90% of the water intrusion problem.
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