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Fuel tank woes

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  • Fuel tank woes

    Hi fellow boaters, new user here.

    I bought a nice 1995 Mako 171 CC last year and found water in the gas tank. I attributed it to a bad o-ring on the fuel filler neck and condensation from the new horrible ethanol laced gas. I drained and flushed the tank and replaced the o-ring then put 20 gallons of fresh fuel with stabilizer in it yesterday. When we were launching the boat, I noticed the bilge drain was draining some residual water since the ramp is on a steep incline. I suddenly smelled gas and put my fingers in the liquid stream and discovered it was pure gasoline. When we drove back off the ramp, the leaking stopped when the boat leveled off.

    My question; Is there a typical failure point like the sending unit, fill or vent hose that I can get at under the console? Worse case scenario is that the console has to come off[] I hope someone with experience on these boats can give me a tip. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a small leak in a 17, but mine is an 1986. I will probably replace the tank next year. Your leak sounds like something fell off or rotted away. Maybe someone will chime in. Good Luck.
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