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    Hey guys thanks for the add. Ive liked this site for many years for the great info you guys give here. I have been a very happy owner of a 1974 fully restored Aquasport 19-6 Love the classic Hulls. Im now on here because i have a growing family and now need a larger boat. I have always loved the classic designs and lines of the aquasports and makos. Im in the market for a new to me boat in the 22'-23' range and i want a mako ive been lookng at a (71 22') a (91 221) and a (85 235) but i really want 221b LOVE the bracket not aposed to buyig a non bracket and closing the trans and adding one. Please point me in the right direction on hull. I live in Boca grand/Charlotte harbour area so mostly bay some shallow and would love to be able to go offshore and not get beat to death

    thanks guys in advance happy boating Josh

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    Welcome to the site. Lots of great info on here. You have some great choices to pick from. The 221/232 bracket boat is a well sought after boat. There are a few out there for sale. Good luck in your search. Btw way. We have some close friends in the Punta Gorda Isles area. By chance are you close to that area?
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      Yes actually I live in Punta Gorda my self not the isles but close. I'm 5 min from the Harbor. Great place for fishing has everything with in 20-30 min rid on boat. Flats fishing to deep water. Ya I'm trying to read up on all the different hulls between 70-96 pro cons ect. I like the early 70's 23 but herd the are a rough ride. So I started looking at the 80's and I like the 221, 231and 235 because there draft is still good 12" for that size of boat is great