So my first boat was purchased last month. All of my other boats were the best kind to have, someone else's... I bought a1973 Mako 20 with a 1984 Mercury Black Max 150 on the back. She had a bad trim motor and wouldn't maintain top speed at the time of purchase. The trim motor was an adventure (pics to follow, I promise you'll get a kick out of how I pulled the motor) because I had to change the transom bracket as well, $400 for a used assembly courtesy of eBay. So once I can trim the motor we head out for a sea trial. And as promised it bogs down and stalls out after a few minutes at any speed above 25 knots. So I replaced all of the fuel line from the tank to the motor, new water separator, and new fuel filter. The next trial revealed no improvement. Oh just a little history I forgot, the guy I bought it from owned it a year, the guy before him bought it new and left it on a bayside lift untouched for six years before selling. But once it started to die out I had a friend check the priming bulb, bone dry, and a couple pumps she would pick right up. So back to eBay for a fuel pump, found two new ones for $50 for the pair (extra parts to keep Murphy at bay). Fuel issue is now resolved but the starter was acting like it was turning too slow and sometimes failed to spin at all, again back to eBay for a new starter. Finally, my crabbing boat is ready. Then I find the soft spot in the deck, starboard and forward to the console. Just a little spongy, but a major concern. So I start to research the cause and find this site. Instantly I was hooked. I've spent close to 20 hours reading the site and admiring the builds. So after the first night on the site I was out filling some holes in the console (the original owner was all about cutting holes four times too big for what he needed) and that's when I decided that a Mako-ver was now in the works. So she'll probably only crab two seasons as the plan is to bring her in next fall and completely restore it (with some modernization of course). Which means I'll need another boat before the spring of 2017 (shhh don't tell my wife) because my Mako will be too purdy to be hauling pots and lines.