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    Hello, everyone. I have a 1985 17 that I inherited from my brother 1n 1990. He bought it new from Tailwalker Marine in Georgetown, SC. I love this boat and have spent many hours on her. You absolutely cannot find more boat in 17 feet. Anyhow, She was getting a bit shabby, chalky gelcoat, everything faded out, etc. So I decided a paint job was in order. Then, lurking on this site, I started getting paranoid about the gas tank, the wiring, the transom, and the stringers, etc. So now, I have her completely stripped, console out, and am in in the process digging out the fuel tank. I have decided on, at minimum, new paint, new wiring, new tank, and new steering. Peering around through the thru-hull, I can't see any stringer issues. The transom seems solid, taps are not hollow-sounding. There are some small unalarming-looking hairline cracks at both corners. So, my question is, how worried should I be? Should I remove the deck to look at the stringers? Should I assume the transom has issues and tear it out? Or forge ahead with the above list and not worry about those things until a problem develops? I think I could do the transom and/or stringers, but would love not to. And Thanks. This is s great site.

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    I should also add that the deck seems to be in good shape without sags or soft spots.