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1972 Mako 19' cc

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  • 1972 Mako 19' cc

    Just got into the classic Mako world with a 19' center console!

    Now I just have to find out why the boat has so much standing water.

    water seems to be weeping out of the stern box drain holes.

    little hatch (assumed to be aftermarket) always has water in it... always.

    and of course the top of the gas tank holds plenty of water.
    Pompano Beach, FL[br]

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    Welcome to CM!

    I can tell you one of the things you will want to do is remove hardware and re-bed in fresh sealant. If the boat has set outside for awhile then it most likely is holding water in the core and foam so water will show up even after a couple of weeks of no rain. Resealing the hardware will at least start the process of keeping some of it out.

    The fuel tank will need to be inspected at some point to be sure it is not compromised. You can reseal the lid after review. Both my fuel tanks had been compromised so I had to be replace them.

    There are great people on this site and I'm sure they will chime in soon. Maybe start a thread in the Projects section, just adding questions as you go with pics and outcomes.

    Again - Welcome to CM!
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      I appreciate the support. I'll be sure to break out the silicone shortly on the hardware.

      A compromised gas tank is one of my biggest concerns right now. Judging from what I have seen on this forum, it seems inevitable that it will have to come out and that does not look like a simple task...
      Pompano Beach, FL[br]


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        72 is a pretty old boat...and a real classic as well. The foam is probably soaked. I've heard of guys raising the bow as high as possible and just letting the water run out and then the foam will dry. Afterwards try to seal all entry points. How is your transom? the drain plug hole at the bottom of the transom has a brass tube in it that may be corroded through as mine was allowing water in...the fuel tank if original is way beyond time to be replaced. Mine required a total rebuild including stringers, deck and transom. Hopefully yours is in better shape than mine was! Its nice to see another of the old girls getting some attention...if you decide to replace the tank the folks on this site will give you all the info you need.


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          I am pretty sure you are right about the foam. I can reach around in the bilge and feel water in the back on either sides of the bilge sections that have foam in them, and for some reason there are no drains from those sections to the rest of the bilge.

          The transom seems solid, its got a lot of plugged holes from previously mounted stuff in it but does not seem to flex or bubble or have any hollow spots that I can find. I cleaned and sanded that brass tube to look like new and put a new t-handle style stopper in there but when I leave the boat in the water over night the bilge will not stay dry.

          The deck has a slight soft spot here and there, but I don't think I am ready to do the whole deck.

          What little of the stringers I can see look good, but I'm not sure how obvious it would be if they were bad.
          Pompano Beach, FL[br]


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            I know what you mean about there being no way for water to get to the gets trapped by the side stringers...are your rod holders open to the bilge? sealing them is one sure way to keep water away from the foam. There are no easy answers to this problem without a rebuild...but it sounds like yours isn't too far gone. I bought my 1968 19 in 95 and ran it til 2012 with very little work done to it. When we finally got to cutting open the deck it was unreal...totally soaked foam and hundreds of pounds of it. I'll never forget that smell! However in retrospect, the boat always handled well and I never really noticed any problems other than it sat a little low in the water. I think you could dry it out pretty well if you install some access hatches and use may take a while but might be worth it in the long run.