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Dumb wiring question

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  • Dumb wiring question

    Just completed running wires from the lights on the hard top down to under the helm area. I used duplex wiring, and I'm wondering if there are any good tricks to make splitting the wires easier? I'm going to need to remove about a foot of the duplex cover. This will allow reaching the positive and negative connections.

    My approach at the other end was to take a utility knife and cut the sheath between the two wires. That seems slow and tedious to do for longer cuts. Is there a trick?
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    Score the outer sheath as you did and then simply pull on the wires -- the outer sheath should come apart easily.
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      The only trick is to not cut the covering of the inner wires! I figure out how much I need exposed, run a score ring around the outer cover and start pulling on it. If you have a good bit to remove then you need to cut down the middle. Tedious until you do it a couple dozen times then will be a pro. [8D]
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