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  • New guy from SC.

    Hello all. Yall have a great forum. I spent a lot of time reading the q&a thread. Only on page 6 so far though. Very impressive to have such a star on the forum. Speaks loads for the pride in these boats.

    I'm not oblivious to the quality of the makos, I had a great opportunity to see a 25' classic come back to life, and got to fish on it. Pretty sure it was a 254, but not 100%.

    Reason for joining is I'm looking for a ride, what better place to look than with the experts. I really like the 236 inboard, but am so scared of inboards, and don't know why. I've only owned 2 boats, a BayStealth by VIP 2170cc, and a Key West 2220cc. Sold the BayStealth to upgrade, and sold the Key West mainly to survive the move. Didn't get into boats until my mid 20's, in my mid 30's now. But for the most part, the boats I've been on have been my own. Growing up, my family wasn't into boats. But my family loves the water, cruising or fishing.

    That being said, I'm in the market for a boat. I want a classic, but can't break the bank. It will have to be financed. We live very close to Lake Murray in SC but just recently moved here. Born and raised in the Lowcountry, my roots are at the ocean. That's where the most time spent on the boat will be. We love to go offshore, and fish the rivers. We don't fish the lake much yet, but will cruise it quite a bit.

    How versatile can an onboard be? Am I foolish thinking that they'd have to almost as easy to operate and maintain? I grew up working on GM engines. Not much scares me about an engine. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to know more about shaft seals, risers, raw water cooled, and general maintenance. Until then I'll continue trying to dig up info with the search function.

    Thanks, Jason

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    You must decide on a center console or cabin. I rarely sleep on my cabin but I love the protection it gives me at the helm, great place for the kids to retreat to, wife likes the bathroom privacy and makes nice dry storage. After that decide on size. A quality inboard in a classic with little work to be done will be hard to find. Sounds like you have some experience with boats and wrenches so grab a 21-23' er and have some fun
    1984 Mako 238 WA [br]2015 Suzuki 250 APX[br]Central PA/OCMD[br][br]