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1975-77 26ft Offshore Project?

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  • 1975-77 26ft Offshore Project?

    Is it just me or do the older 75-77 26' makos with inboards have a lesser degree of deadrise compared to other years. The boat also looks very beamy.

    I'm thinking of buying a hull to a 75 26ft mako and doing a complete resto. Maing it a little Bluefin rig for offshore NE.

    Heres the plan:

    -Raise the deck and make a nice cabin

    - Custom pilot house

    - fish door in the transome.

    putting new twin 350 vortecs in...

    theres another 1977 26 im looking at with running 1988 volvo twin 400s.

    any thoughts?



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    I think those 26 footers are few and far between..... There was one for sale on this forum not long ago and might still be available. Most of the inboards you see are 23 footers. The ones built in the 70's were mostly known as a Mako 23IB. The late 70's and newer ones were known as Mako 236. The 236 has a deeper "V" hull and it's fuel tanks the were under the floor as opposed to the 23IB which had it's tanks partially below and partially above the floor with a fiberglass cover which also served as a seat. The one in my signature is a 23IB. My buddy had basically the same setup in a 236. His took the heavy chop better with the deep "V" but I could out run him on flatter water. I had two of the 23IB's and always wanted to get a 236 but never did.... I don't know if you wanted this info or not but figured I'd put it out there for you in case you were mixed up about your length of boat you were speaking about as I've only seen pics of about 4 of the larger inboards and have never actually seen one in person....If you are infact looking at the larger model I would think that with twin 350 engines the fuel comsumption would be pretty high when cruising, but I could be wrong....A couple of 4 cyl diesels would be far more efficient using fuel but would cost much more to obtain and install.....I just purchased a 26 foot Shamrock with a Yanmar 4cyl 230 hp diesel which is suppose to push her at 25 MPH cruise and 28 MPH WOT. That's plenty fast enough for me........ good luck
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      He's talking about the older Mako 26 twin inboard.

      They are few and far between as back then I think people wanted either a smaller open boat or a larger convertible.

      It might make a good rig for your area as I believe your typical wave pattern is longer wave periods. For our area in the Gulf, we get shorter steeper chop so having a console mounted in front of the engines is not as comfortable.
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