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Aft Hatches waterproofing on 1979 26'

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  • Aft Hatches waterproofing on 1979 26'

    Ok, here's the next advise i need help with from you fine gentlemen.

    I need to know how anyone has water proofed the permeter two aft hatches on port and starboard side of a 79' 26 center console?

    Please Advise, Thank"size3">

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    That's a 25' not a 26'. You are pretty much stuck unless you try to install some type of deck hatch, but the it won't be 100% waterproof, will be platic and look cheap. Or you could cut the hatch out, custom fabricate a new one with a gutter so rainwater is diverted. I just live with it. [8D]
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      Thank you Sailor, I will have to put some thought into this or like you said "Just live with it". Tight Lines!!id="size3">