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    Well folks, this is the first forum I have ever joined. Two nights ago I saw a 71 Mako 22 on CL, then jumped on this sight and gathered oodles of info. Yesterday I drove 5 hours to Chicago and back to look at it--AND I BOUGHT IT! I simply can't believe my good luck! Except for a few cracks in the gel coat, the boat seems in great shape--new 50 gallon gas tank, no flex in the transom or bad fuel smell coming out from the bilge. The previous owner did admit to a soft spot in front of the console, but it seemed hardly noticeable to me. Felt it a little more today, but it does not concern me as I don't mind eventually digging in there and addressing it with the info I can see on this forum.

    I was pleased because I always liked the idea of center consoles, and I wanted a boat I could take through the backwaters of the Mississippi and on some of our MN lakes, but also take out to the Keys and into deeper water. I saw this on-line and came to this forum and read around--I think I found the perfect boat. 12" draw, beamy, came with outriggers and downriggers, six rods, all the safety stuff, plus a serviceable trailer.

    The motor is a rebuilt Johnson 115, which I understand might be a little on the underpowered side. But I am a first time boater, and it came with the boat, and as long as it pushes me around for a bit I'm happy, plus the guy said he would troll Lake Michigan for 6 hours and use only a quarter tank of fuel.

    This boat has such beautiful lines. I paid $3000. Pulled it home with my 5.9 cummins and it felt like a feather back there.

    I'm just peeing myself I'm so excited.

    How do I post a photo? Looking forward to learning a bunch from you all.

    Dr Che

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    Congratulations on your "new" boat...that is certainly a classic. Post some pics...the guys on this site will give you all kinds of's the link: