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    I've been addicted to this site for a while and found myself in an interesting position.

    My cousin bought a mako 17 several years ago. I fell in love with it at first sight.

    I then found this site and began to read about this little boat. Well now she's mine.

    I have many plans for her in the future as money permits. My first order of business is the steering system.

    The old cable is stuck and the steering tube is rusted. Here are some pic of her, the registration says 1986.

    My only question for now is, is this year 17 a good year or had Mako started to make them different at this point in time?

    Mako 17[br]Parker 25[br]

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    1986 is a Mako Mako before the company changed hands.

    Looks like she is in pretty good shape, the boxes in back make it an Angler model.

    Try some PB blaster on the steering tube, but replacement is common- the cable may be fine, but the grease in the tube hardens, sometimes disassembly and cleaning will take care of it. There are some 'issues' with the cable bend coming out of the side hole of the hull, some have found it necessary to loosen the engine bolts to drop it back enough to get the cable in.

    What are your plans?
    Richard Snyder[br]Wachapreague, VA[br][br][br]


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      Thanks for the tip Duke I will give it a shot. Looks like my cousin started to drive the steering tube out already. I was told that I might need to take the motor off to replace the steering tube. I found a little suprise while looking inside the hull. Looks like the bottom was repared at some point in her life. There are some wood slates glassed inside the hull under the seat. I noticed that the bottom was painted white in this area but just thought it was covering some touched up bottom scratches. I will need to bottom paint her but now I want to get the hull checked out before I do so. I found some chips in the hull below the waterline so I want to make sure I fix these right too. I will keep searching this site for knowledge.
      Mako 17[br]Parker 25[br]


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        That's a really clean one, good luck with it.

        FYI that's a Standard model, not an Angler. The Angler has a raised and enclosed back deck with 3 different hatches.