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unanswered mystery--where is the water coming from

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  • unanswered mystery--where is the water coming from

    Please see "jockdoc fuel tank replacement " -

    new question-- I know my tank had corrosion holes in the top of the tank-

    still, how is this much water getting into the coffin??

    Heavy rain put 1-2 cups in my tank. I still haven't identified how the water is getting into the coffin to get in the tank in the first place.

    Has anyone had this problem--as noted, there is moderate wetness in the foam where the vent tube and intake hose come from.

    vent OK

    New intake hose- appears OK

    gas cap washer OK

    Any ideas?

    As always, thanks for all your posts!

    Pics of intake hose compartment wet foam noted

    new drain holes aft

    4 holes in coffin patched

    base of console repaired. Going to use Evercoat this week

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    Water in the coffin itself can come from several places. The seal around the coffin lid, the smaller hatch lid for inspection purposes (if you have one) or a leaking pie plate gasket. Can also come from around the screw holes that hold your lid down or a t-top floor mounting location. Water may enter as well from around your fittings such as gas fill or vent fill. I've had water from ALL of these places. [xx(]

    Water in the tank can come from several places as well. From the vent hose (check the direction the vent is facing), water sitting on top of the tank can enter through fitting connections such as your fuel sender etc. If you have enough water in the bottom of the coffin and you have holes in the bottom of the tank, water will find it's way in without gas coming out. Gas will come out of the tank without the pressure of sitting water under the tank.

    Water can also come in through the seam between the interior liner and the hull itself, under the rub rail. Many people will fill any areas with 5200 and/or fill old screw or rivet holes. If you have rod holders in the gunwale and bottoms are open this is a great place for water to enter the interior. Many of the original Mako aluminum rod holders were capped on the ends. Mine finally gave way and developed holes which leaked water.

    Then there is always the accumulation of water from ethanol in the fuel you may use. This is a whole different discussion.
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