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  • fuel tank replacement

    Hi folks-

    New member enquiring about a fuel tank replacement for a 17 foot 1989 Mako center console.

    Called Mako and they sent me to Bass Pro and Tracker Marine-- no luck with old models like mine. I have called locally, but no one in Myrtle Beach specifically is in the Marine Tank fabrication business.

    I got the tank out this morning-leaking on the top of the tank- will post pics this pm.

    Noticed someone suggested Sunrise marine tanks in Venice Fla. from a post in May 2014-- any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Post this in the General Discussion. You will get alot of help there.
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      Florida marine tank, that's the oem tank builder
      Boca raton florida


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        I'm pretty sure Florida Tank does their manufacturing in NC. Worth looking into.

        I just installed a 110 gallon tank from Sunrise Tank in Venice. Couldn't be happier.

        Don't know if Tony ships, but he always answers the phone for questions.

        A lot of people on here have used Sunshine Tank near Miami & all have had nothing

        but good to say about them.
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          I've patched the 4 holes in the coffin with fiberglass and placed two drains in the stern of the coffin to try to prevent any corrosion due to water settling on the tank. I'm planning on not using any foam as per the David Pascoe article.

          I've re-glued and will coat the base of the console (see pic) with Evercoat this week.

          One question I've still had -- where was the water coming from in such quantities to cause as much as 1-2 cups in my gas with each heavy rain?

          Noted a lot of wetness where the fill tube comes into the coffin(see first pic)- good seal around the gas cap.

          Vent OK.

          no major screw holes.

          Has anyone had this problem-- e.g. I know there were corrosion holes in the top of my tank-- still, it was sitting on the trailer or lift- not in the water. Where was this much water coming in?

          Mystery-- any ideas??


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            I am reading your post to say there was a good seal on the gas cap.

            What I have seen once in the past was the deck fitting wasn't properly bedded into the gunnel, and the ground strap was didn't allow the clamp to tighten the fuel hose against the deck fitting. This allowed the rain water to run into the tank via the fill hose.

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              Good point-- I have had a problem with the new (3 yrs old) shield 355 ethanol resistant hose that I checked when I removed the tank.

              It has failed about 1 1/2 ft from the gas intake.

              Before I put in a new one, I'll run some water down the gunnel and see if water drips in.

              Expecting tank tomorrow.