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  • Newb!__No Mako...

    This may be counter intuitive...

    I'm looking at redoing a... wait for it... non-Mako hull...

    I know I know... Just wondering how this will be received before I ask the brethren here for advice. I'm considering tackling a scarab sport 302, and all the research I do leads me here.

    I understand if this would be frowned upon, and completely respect the Mako following. Hence, the reason I ask before posting. Either way, I plan to learn a lot from all of your great posts regardless []


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    All boats are welcome here. We have members who have been Mako loyal but find themselves moving on. Either way we all learn least I do. It helps to post pics so we can see what youre doing. To post pics go to the new member forum and follow instructions. Welcome to CM.
    Jim[br]Back-n-Black[br]1983 Mako 224[br]Davidson, NC[br]