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  • General outboard questions

    Hey guys just got my boat back from service and took it out yesterday bought it over the winter it's a 87 mako 17 with the original 1988 mercury 90 hp outboard it ran great but took like ten cranks to start I primed the ball until it was hard but I'm not sure if the choke button is working correctly should I give it a few thrusts of throttle with the shifter and then put it back in neutral??? Just looking for advice so I don't run into battery issues also I had the steering redone and it turns right smoothly but when I turn the wheel left it is harder with more resistance not unbearable but very annoying will this correct itself over time or is there anything I should do to fix the problem??? Thanks guys for any help it's much appreciated
    1987 Mako 17

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    I'd start by checking your carbs...its really easy to remove the floats to make sure they aren't saturated/filled with gas. Also make sure your fuel lines are not leaking or allowing air in. I had a 1987 115 and had starting problems til I went through the carbs...common on those era motors. Sometimes by thinking that your not getting enough gas to the motor, you are actually flooding it...just pump up the bulb and push the choke in for a couple of seconds and raise the idle lever...and don't keep choking or you'll flood the engine and it'll be really hard to start. Your steering issue is simply a skeg adjustment...I'm assuming this occurs while running?


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      Ive worked on many of motor and carbs are usually the problem. If I was you though I would check the enrichment valve. When you push the key in you should hear a clicking noise on the motor. that would be your enrichment valve. if you clicking good chance your key switch is bad and you would need to get a new one. I also would check spark on all your cylinders as well as compression. In the last year I was plagued with ignition issues on my 135 mercury so am very aware of how they work.