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Front Bench Seats AND Factory Bracket

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  • Front Bench Seats AND Factory Bracket

    I am hoping some of the Mako experts on here will know the answer to this. I want to find a classic 24-26 Mako to restore. My two must have's are a factory bracket w/ enclosed transom and bow seating (not an open fisherman style). Which models did Mako make that have both?

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    Finding a bracketed mako is rare but they are out there and go fast. Last one went in less than 12hrs. Keep an eye on craigslist
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      There was one 1985 closed transom on the Miami's Craigslist. I looked ast the boat and it was in a decent shape. But, the bracket is gone. You can look at that boat ( still there for sale.


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        Check out the mid-late 90's 232. Closed transom, bracket, and lots of bow seating or platform if you want it.
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          A '76-'83 25 has an enclosed transom.

          After that, the models with a B designation have full transom and factory brackets. e.g.: 261B, 231B

          Then, you have the models ending in 2 that are center consoles with fwd seating and euro transoms after 1992. Most of the 23ft + models all have fwd seating areas molded into the deck cap.

          Let me know if you need any other info. There is a Q and A thread on that has many very knowledgeable folks, including a member of the family who originally owned and ran Mako in the good days, posting on it about the designs of various models.
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