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    Hey everyone, I've been reading in the forums it seems that if you have questions about a MAKO, this is the place!!!

    first a little background, my name is Dennis, I'm retired/disabled and a veteran with advanced stage prostate cancer, trying to get benefits from the va for the cancer I have from my time in viet nam, well on a ship in the navy, but enough about that...

    I have my Harley on craigslist trying to trade it for a boat as my wife and I recently purchased a home in beaufort, near the neuse river where it enters the Pamlico sound.

    well, I have an offer from someone there that says he has a 1984 22' MAKO center console with a Yamaha 200 2cycle that he is interested in trading for....

    I grew up on the water in mich. and was in the navy, but I have questions about what to look for when I see this boatand is there a way to tell the difference if it's set up for fresh or salt water as this boat is inland and know nothing other than what the guy that has it tells me and from what I understand he is in the business of selling and trading things, and I worked in auto dealers serv dept for 25 yrs and understand what it means when a salesmans lips are moving....LOL

    anyway, what do I check on this boat?? he said the engine was redone? at a Yamaha dealer last summer but other than that I know nothing about it.

    My wife and I want it for fishing in the river and sound, wont be going to far offshore but will be using it to run around the area here..

    the wife hates the idea I'm trading the bike for it but on disability it's the only option... and I don't want to get this boat and then find there's a major problem with it... and the way shes acting about it I don't want her to act what I'm naming it "JEANNIE'S REELIN'"

    growing up I remember hearing about MAKO's and their quality, I hope this one is in good shape and worth the trade, I'm suppose to hear from the guy and get some pics later today, when I do I will post them here for your opinions....

    Thanks and hopefully I'll soon be a MAKO owner.....

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    Welcome to the madness !

    First and foremost Thank You for your service !

    Secondly sorry to hear about your health issue. I hope that you are receiving treatment and that it is successful in providing you with a full recovery.

    There are some things to check out. I will list them and if I leave something out I am sure the others on here will jump in as well.

    1). The Transom (check this by tilting the motor up about half way and put your weight on it. If it flexes chances are it will need to be replaced soon (this can be costly) You can also remove a screw from the transom (typically Transducer mount etc...or other down low on the transom and see if water starts to weep out.

    2). Try to find out if the fuel tank is original or has it been replaced (if replaced, when?)

    3). Open any and all accesses including console and see if you smell gas. (This can be a sign that there is or was a fuel leak)

    4). Anywhere you can get to the foam. ie.. Rear storage compartments, bilge etc... check to see if the foam is soaked with water. (You can do this by poking a screwdriver into the foam and see if it comes out wet. Also look to see if water starts to weep from the hole you made with the screwdriver)

    5). Check the overall appearance of the hull ie.. Stress cracks, structural cracks etc...

    6). I would recommend having a compression check done on that motor. If possible I would ask to have them start it up or better yet put the boat in the water for a quick ride to see how it runs.

    7). Get on the boat and walk around and see if you detect any soft spots. This will tell you if you have deck repairs to be done in the near future.

    If I have missed something I am sure the rest of the gang will chime in but those are a few important things to check on.

    Post some pics when you can. That will help us to see the condition of the boat as well.

    On a different note..... My wife and I both ride.

    Mine is an '05 Heritage with Big Bore, Ported polished heads, race tuner, stage II download and V & H Big Shots.

    The Mrs... is a 2000 Sportster 1200 Custom with Ported polished heads, tons of aftermarket chrome, Drag bars, solo Mustang seat and street sweepers.

    We are going to sell both soon. We have buried too many friends in the last few years and we have grand-kids that we want to watch grow up.

    I have been riding for about 30 years now and I figure I've cheated the odds long enough. So, we'll get the wind in our faces on the boat now.

    Thanks again for your service and good luck !
    The Salty-Dawg all cleaned up and ready for the next trip ![br]1982 Mako 20B[br]1998 Yamaha 150 [br]


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      Check out the wiring for corrosion or replacement. Test the lighting for function. Inspect the thru hulls and plumbing.

      As far as finding out about service the boat has had, ask for receipts or to see the old parts that were replaced. Sometimes they are close by.

      Or have it inspected/appraised by a pro by purchasing a survey.

      Good luck in your search. Thanks for your service.
      OBX, NC - 1992 Mako M-231 - 99 Yamaha ox66 225 -Sold-[br]


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        I also thank you for your service. My father in law also served in the Navy on a ship off of Vietnam...5 yrs ago battled prostate cancer. He beat it, but has lasting effects. The va has so far denied his claims, as he never set foot on the ground,but his ship pumped the water (including the agent orange runoff) on board for bathing and drinking. Several crew mates have/had the same problems. I wish you well in your health!

        As far as your boat, you couldn't have found a better classic boat or place to learn about it. I'm pretty new here also, but spent a lot of time on and working on boats. The advice posted so far is on point. A sound hull even I needing some elbow grease is a great find. A good running motor is key, and if you do pull the pin have the motor gone over top to bottom after purchase so you have confidence in it. I hope your trade goes smoothly and Godspeed!
        Salem County, NJ[br]Whaler 15 SS (sold)[br]Mako 191[br]