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    Hello, love this forum, we just purchased a 78 mako 19 that has been sitting in the woods for about 4 years. Would love to get this running and back in the water soon and maybe a restore starting this fall. Is there anything in particular that we should watch out for?Thanks Richard

    Another question. Our boat has a bow rail. Looking on the forum I see many without the rail. We will be using our's for fishing.Should we take if off or leave it on? Whats its purpose?Thanks

    Here's a link to my photos. Having a hard time getting a picture posted.


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    Here you go.

    Check the gas tanks for leaks, and the transom and deck for soft spots{rot}. Make sure the bilge pump is working properly and have the necessary safety equipment. Life jackets, fire extinguisher ect. Also, the 40+ yr old wiring may need some attention.

    The bow rail is to help keep you from falling overboard. They are not pretty but do serve a purpose.

    Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the owners club.
    OBX, NC - 1992 Mako M-231 - 99 Yamaha ox66 225 -Sold-[br]


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      Thanks a lot for the advice I'll try to check everything you mentioned.

      I don't know how you got those pictures posted I was sure they were locked in Davy Jones locker.


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        I clicked your link, then clicked the image code near the bottom of the right side of your photo page to copy the image code, then pasted that image code in my reply. You had the hard part done getting the pics on photobucket. Try it. Its as easy as copy and paste. Good luck.
        OBX, NC - 1992 Mako M-231 - 99 Yamaha ox66 225 -Sold-[br]