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    Hello Everyone,

    Deployed Airmen here and in my spare time I love researching my next fishing boat. I currently own a 14" Aluminum mod v-hull and I've found a deep passion for fishing boats. I have a feeling I'll be ready to step up to a larger boat by the end of my fishing season and with 3 more months on my deployment...I can save for one too.

    I was curious, would anyone have any particular Mako models they'd recommend to be a verstile fishing machine? I live in Northern Virginia so I'll be fishing the Cheskapeak and Potomac mostly but would love a Mako capable of some inshore fishing...should I want an adventure a little bit out. I really like the Mako 17s Anglers but am open to suggestions. I also noticed a lot are for sale in Flordia...and since I live in Virginia...think a long road trip could be worth it for the right Mako...any thoughts/recommendations?

    BTW, I like the idea of a Mako 17 since I can take more than 2 people out on on, I can still park her in my garage (if the trailer has a tongue which folds in), And the 17 or 18 seems to be a sweet spot for not too large but still good performance. Not looking to buy new either. IDeal budget would be $10K-$12K but I am really tempted to get a fixer upper and spend a winter working on here too...then possibly repowering in the Spring. Thank you.


    Living in DC area and a lover of Makos though I have yet to own one. Particular fondness for Mako 17 Anglers

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    Welcome to the madness !

    First of all....Thank you for your service !

    It sounds like you are on the right track. The 17 is a good boat. It's easy to handle, store, etc... You can probably pick up a nice one in the budget range you mentioned. You may want to look at the 19's & 20's as well. I have a 1982 Mako 20B and it fishes four well enough but I don't like more than that gets a little crowded.

    Good luck in your search and let us know what you end up getting.
    The Salty-Dawg all cleaned up and ready for the next trip ![br]1982 Mako 20B[br]1998 Yamaha 150 [br]


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      Welcome aboard here....I was going to also mention a 19 or 20 since you expressed a desire to sometimes go offshore. Also the Chesapeake can get pretty ruff in the spring and fall......I would check craigslist for a boat. As you said Florida has a lot of Mako's for sale but if you don't mind traveling don't overlook Maryland, New Jersey, and New York also for a boat. I bought mine in Connecticut. Salty Dog and Boat Trader are also good places to look for boats on the computer along with this site here.......Good luck and be safe on your deployment. As previously stated, "Thanks for your Service"
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        Welcome to CM and "Thank You" for your service!

        The 17 is a nice size boat and with the money you are looking at spending you should be able to find a nice one. I bought mine and spent a little extra for the newer power as that is the most expensive item on the ride. The rest can be done as winter projects as you use it each year during fishing season! []

        The 19 & 20 models are same great fishing platform just a few more feet for a couple more people.

        Again welcome to CM!
        Just call me \"J.\"[br]77 Mako 21 Project[br][br]85 Mako 17 / 90 ETEC - SOLD[br]Wilmington, NC[br]


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          Thank you for your advice and support everyone. I will definitely take a look at the 19s and 20s. I think my ideal fishing boat would be able to fish up to 4 people. I like the idea of the 17 to be honest because the motor isn't too large nor the fuel tank. I figure it would make a good boat fresh water or salt too which appeals to me because I honestly have no idea where my career will take me next. Love what I do but moving every 3 years can be tough when I own a toy like a fishing boat.

          Out of curiousity, is there any particular year or model of Mako in the 17-20 foot range whcih would stand out as the better model(s)? I'm doing a lot of reading on here to get smart and would appreciate any advice/recommendations. Boat will be used primarily for fishing. Thank you.
          Living in DC area and a lover of Makos though I have yet to own one. Particular fondness for Mako 17 Anglers


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            The 17 is great when you are talking about the size of it for single or double use. It's rated for 5 but to comfortably fish you would be at 2 with an occasional 3 depending on the fishing being done. If I'm fishing with the grandkids for bluegill I normally have 4 on the boat. 98% of the time it is me and one other person going out fishing so the 17 was a perfect fit.

            The 19/20 (the 20 is more common) will up the fishing capacity. Larger fuel tank for off shore, still a great ride and fishing platform. The guys with this size will chime in to the special aspects of this model. The 20 is also a very nice size boat for lake use. Nice and stable, not to big to haul around as you go from station to station and would be a good size for almost any body of water.

            The biggest difference in the 17 and 17 Angler is the back end in the Angler is a platform with storage box. The console seat is the platform. It is nice for a pair of anglers shore fishing like a bass boat / bay boat. Again just think of the percentage time fishing, what type fishing is it going to be. If you are trolling offshore or near shore, having the open back end is a nice advantage but if you are mostly sitting or slow moving in the bays, rivers and lakes I would pick the Angler for the additional fishing platform in back.

            Just some thoughts. Good luck with the hunt for the perfect boat. Take care
            Just call me \"J.\"[br]77 Mako 21 Project[br][br]85 Mako 17 / 90 ETEC - SOLD[br]Wilmington, NC[br]