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New Mako owner with some ???

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  • New Mako owner with some ???

    I'm new to the site as well as to Mako boats. I just purchased a 2000-221 center console with a 225 Merc. Seem to be in Ok shape just needs a little love.

    While going thru the boat I noticed that after removing the storage compartment on the starboard stern that water is trapped between this compartment and the main bilge area. Is there a plug some where that need to be removed? Should I drill a hole as to let the water run into the main bilge area? the port side has the baitwell and I can not see if water is trap on that side but I will assume that it is the same way.

    Also there are 2 pvc pipe that stick up (2")from the floor under the console are these for pulling wire if so do you know where the go to.

    Any help is much appreciated.



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    Welcome to CM and congrats on the new boat! Sounds like the water is trapped outboard of one of the stringers. Do NOT drill a hole in the stringer unless you can epoxy the hole to keep it dry. When you get up on plane most of the water will run back and over the stringer and down to the bilge. You can check to see if there is a limber hole (drain hole in the stringer) and maybe it is blocked. I'm not 100% sure on the layout of your boat so pictures might help show exactly what you are talking about.

    the PVC pipes under your console are indeed for running wires, usually to the under gunnel rod storage. If you don't have a t-top, then that is the most common place to mount a VHF antenna so the wire has to run back to the console via the pipe.
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      Thanks for your response. I'm not sure if it is the stringer or not but will look into it some more. I'll try and post some pictures.

      Thanks again for your help!