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  • Looking to join the Mako Club!

    Members please help! I would like to have an honest opinion. I am in the market to buy a classic mako. I have found several that fit the bill down in the South Florida area. I am 800 miles away an are willing to make the trip to pick one up. I think the 20 classic would be the best fit between the marsh and bays down in Louisiana. I would be taking usually 4 people each time. We are pure fisherman and thought the 19 and 17 ft boats would be a little to small. I would love a 22 or 23 but don't have a vechicle that can pull them. Also a little to much boat for me right now with 80gallons of gas bait and fuel etc. Please give me some feedback and guidance.

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    I'm pretty new here too, bought my mako this past summer, moved up from a 15 whaler. The 20's are nice, that's what I was looking for till I came across my 191. It's A LOT of boat for a 19'. I was very surprised. I can fish 4 comfortably, and the ride is awesome, has more bow flare than the older models. They seem hard to find though, I have looked to compare boats, not many around. I think I got a pretty good buy, with a newer single axle trailer, Merc 150 in very good condition I paid $8k. I will say, it's not built like the older dad's 22, 23, and 25 we had( not all at the same time!) in the 70's 80's were tanks!
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      The 23 footers are perfect for South LA for variety of waters.I have an older 23 with twin I/os but the outboard versions are even less draft.My 23 has been in Delacroix,Black bay,Barataria bay ect.Went anywhere I wanted it to go and handles gulf waters well.They are built like tanks.That being said 21 would be smallest I would go with 4 people