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T Top Help for 1984 mako 224

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  • T Top Help for 1984 mako 224

    Looking to add a t top to my 1984 mako 224. The only problem is that all the t tops I've found so far mount directly to the deck. I can't do this because I have my fishing pole storage below my deck (where it would be mounted). Any body know where I can get a t top to install directly into the center console and not the deck?

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    Mine mounts to the deck and doesn't effect storage. I do like the look and free deck space of tops mounted directly to console but in my opinion it isn't the best set-up for the 224. The console is all glass (very thin in areas) and 2 pieces that aren't mounted very strong, therefore alot of modifications need to happen to make top secure. At the minimum I would recommend adding solid core completely to console and permanently mounting 2 pieces together. After a couple rough water trips in mine I had hinges bust and side of console crack at side mounts from sway of top; I wrapped inside of top portion with 1/2" ply and mounted 2 pieces together. The only wood in the original console is in the flat mounting surfaces and small lip around edges where 2 pieces rest on each other.
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      Mine are also on the deck with no issue with the rod storage. Any good fabricator can help you with installation
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