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New to forum__- 1996__231__livewell question

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  • New to forum__- 1996__231__livewell question

    New to this forum.

    Have owned a 1996 231 Mako with 200 EFI Mercury for the last 10 years.

    Do mostly offshore fishing and diving for grouper in the Gulf of Mexico off the mouth of the Suwannee River.

    Love the boat.

    She is dry, handles a crew of four - with all of our fishing and diving gear, and has never let me down.

    Just one small problem with her though.

    There is just not enough flotation in the back end to keep our feet out of the water when I have three or four of my big butt buddies fishing off the back end.

    It gets even worse when we put the scuba gear on.

    I have no use for the floor mounted live well and am looking for advice on how to fill it in/ seal it off/ get rid of it to stop it from always being full of water.

    I'm sure that someone in this forum has done this.

    How did you do it and what were the results?


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    You should have 2 seacocks to cut water supply off but if not add shut off valves for drain and 2 livewell hoses


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      Welcome aboard !

      Lots of good people on her with an abundance of knowledge.

      As stated by leinad624 ...You should have valves to stop the well from filling up. Look in the bilge between the well and the transom you should be able see and reach them from the pie plate inspection holes. Or.... You can always put a plug in it from inside the well to accomplish the same result.

      Nice Rig !!
      The Salty-Dawg all cleaned up and ready for the next trip ![br]1982 Mako 20B[br]1998 Yamaha 150 [br]