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Possible 1968 19' project

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  • Possible 1968 19' project

    Hello this is my first post here. I am looking for a good first project to start my boat repair and restoration service business. ive come across what the seller claims to be a 68 19' mako (first 40 . I don't know anything about this boat but after a little research i think it may be a desirable classic. culd some please help me out with what the value of this might be, as is and in restored condition so i can deside if its worth my time. thanks in advance

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    I thnk it would be hard to recoup your T&M on a flat out project to turn around and sell. Possibly buy one and expect to loose money on it but gain the experience. Good luck
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      Thanks for the response. Is that taking into consideration that it is 1 of 40 I just thought maybe because it was more collectible that would change things. The out side of the hull has been repainted looks great and the transom has been replaced. It's some one else's project that they can't finish so half the work may already be done. I'll try and put some pictures up tonight.


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        I restored a first 40 19' Mako...don't know or haven't heard of a collectors market for these boats. Don't expect to profit from an old restoration...its not like cars. I restored mine because I love the has a lot of personal history, I grew up in Miami tooling around in a little John boat when the Mako I own now was being built and the company started. I also think the combination of flats, bay and nearshore is great...its a very stable and tough fishing platform that will handle more than you can...but I don't think, considering the amount of work and material that goes into a proper restoration, that you'd profit much from rebuilding one. My boat has close to 20K in the restoration. She is pretty though