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    Ok folks sorry for shouting with the title but I'm really in need of help. After a few long drinks I popped over to a friendly boatyard in France and saw an old-ish sports fisher style boat I liked the look of and bought it. Looking at the plate it says MAKO MARINE INC. and has serial MRK E2855F990. Mako themselves can't bring it up on their system - so has the forum any clue? 6.5 meters long centre console with overhead , 2 chairs ...

    I'll post my (bad) photos of her once I've figured out how.

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    Definitely need pictures. You have to host them somewhere else, like photobucket, then post the IMG code in your reply.

    You can also post in the Q&A thread below since the son of the founder of Mako posts and answers questions.

    Welcome to CM!
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        there - told you they were terrible photos but she's 900 miles away from me right now and all I have is what you see. While I'm at it the transom measures 600mm so after much debate I'm fitting a Mercury XL shaft engine - seem correct to you wise(er)folk?


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          looks like a 21
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            Yes it's a Mako 21
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              600mm = 23.622 inches per google. You would need a 25" shaft if the info given is correct. Congrats on the purchase and welcome to CM.
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                Firstly many thanks for the warm welcome! I can see this forum is going to make all the difference to my Mako's latter years! So I now know she's a 21 and from the serial number MRKE2855F990 am I right in saying she's a 1990 build year?

                There's too many questions to ask you all but uppermost in my mind is this - I've bought a Mercury 150F four stroke XL shaft as per Mercury's guidelines (thanks M231user for confirming shaft length) Fuel costs for anything bigger in Europe are, for me, prohibitive. But I'm looking at you guys with your two stroke zappy 225's and worrying it will be a bit inadequate. Anyone care to comment? The engine I found was new but a bargain discount - I suppose I might one day find a second and rig them side by side...but for now that's it!


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                  Per Makos website, the 1990 211 is rated for 235 hp max. The 150 should push her ok with the right prop. But dont expect her to be a speed boat.

                  See link for factory specs:

                  OBX, NC - 1992 Mako M-231 - 99 Yamaha ox66 225 -Sold-[br]


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                    The dealer that sold me the Mercury suggested a stainless Rev 4 17 pitch prop as it holds the water better in the turn and suffers less from cavitation. It seems right from the Mercury prop selector website but please say if you think that's a bad choice as I have a couple of days to alter my order.


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                      To update - the XL shaft fitted fine. Next I decided the currently installed mechanical steering cables had to go and I bought a Baystar hydraulic system that comes with 20 ft hoses (which could be cut down but I think I'll need all that length). Has anyone used Baystar? It seems rated to 150HP which suits me - Seastar goes further bust costs considerably more.

                      Oh - and a quick question about the windlass - I want to buy a good hard sand anchor and Rocna or Manston seem to get the best ratings but there's some doubt about whether it will foul with the bow roller due to its design - anyone?


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                        Finally launched in the Mediterranean - Really enjoying her - my only snag is a "Water in Fuel" alert on occasion from the Mercury smartcraft guages. At first i thought it was a bad batch of fuel from the pumps but I do see water in the separator even after cleaning out the tanks. Considering a Racor drainable water separating filter - but that's not really curing the problem - simply can't find where that water's gettin in!!


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                          Maybe a new tank...? Boat looks nice

                          Try posting in discussion for more response and turn off link back option. Link isnbelow

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