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Wanna be Mako Owner looking for advice

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  • Wanna be Mako Owner looking for advice

    Can you guys give some advice on this particular model and condition of this boat, it is a 1990 230 WalkAround. Will be used with my family for fishing and cruising in south Florida.

    First thing I noticed is that it is over powered with twin 200 Yamaha. How concerned would anyone be about that? Link to craigs list ad below, let me know what you guys think.

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    I don't think it's over powered especially if you will be going offshore a good ways.It will be fine.If you can ask the seller how old is fuel tank,see if any fuel smell is in the bilge which could signal a leaky tank,filler,or simply sending unit.Check transom and floors for any soft areas major cracks,ect.Good luck with it and hopefully it will work out for you


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      Thanks Daniel, seller states no soft spots and the fuel tank was replaced.. I will be sure to check it. Thanks for the advice!