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New member and owner of a 1986 Mako224

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  • New member and owner of a 1986 Mako224

    Hey guys, my name is Josh and I just picked up what I believe is a Mako224. The placard on the side says mako225 and it looks original but it looks the EXACT same as my buddies 224. Maybe you guys could fill me in on what is correct. The tag on the console looks like it says mako 724 and I just figured that the 7 is a worn out 2. lol. It came with a locked up 1995 yamaha 225 but also with a running 1990 johnson 200. It had been sitting up for a year and needed a good bit of tlc but it is coming along VERY nicely. I will post pics as soon as they finish loading. Thanks for all the help in advance!!!

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    And after


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      Nice looking hull and congratulations. What did you use to clean her up? Excellent work cleaning.
      OBX, NC - 1992 Mako M-231 - 99 Yamaha ox66 225 -Sold-[br]


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        That is a 224. The raised floor gives them away every time. NICE job on the cleanup.....definitely needed a bath! What are your plans?

        Congrats on the new boat and welcome to CM!
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        1985 Mako 20c - sold
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          I used bleach water to clean it up. I have to figure out my motor situation. The Yamaha that's on it is locked up but it also came with a 1990 200hp Johnson that is supposed to be good. We got it on this afternoon. Now we have to figure out the wiring and go from there. I plan on re-doing most of the wiring on the boat, refinishing the wood and waxing it and then go tear the fish up. Lol. I wish I could sell these 2 motors for enough to buy a newer Yamaha. The Yamaha I have is a 1995 225txrt with a new foot and prop. Hoping to sell it and get Johnson running and then sell it and buy what I really want. Would love a newer fuel Injected Yamaha 250


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            Nice job on the clean up!You could get a reman power head from Jasper engines&transmissions.They gave me a 2 year warranty on my lower unit and I believe it's the same for all their marine products.Just a thought if you want to revive it


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              I have tried to do all kinds of searching on Jasper's site but can't come up with anything. Is it order by phone only?