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New member-fuel tank gasket replacement

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  • New member-fuel tank gasket replacement

    Posted this in the Mako Discussion forum also. Tried to search for this but the search kept timing out so I apologize if this has been asked over and over again. I have a '78 Mako 21 and need a replacement gasket for the plate on the tank top near the pickup,as well as the gasketed bolt in the center of the plate. Does anyone have a source for these parts? I've tried cork and other gasket material and nothing seems to work very well. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

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    For the bolt you can use a sealing washer.I use gasket rtv sealant in a caulking tube from your local International truck dealer.This stuff makes oil pan gaskets for 7.3 power stroke oil pans


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      are ya sure that plate isn't the fuel sending unit with an insulated electrical connection in the center?

      NEVER use any sealer around gasoline unless it specifically states it's gasoline resistant, if it isn't it will dissolve after a short while and end up gunking up your fuel system.
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        Daniel, thanks for the info. I've been reluctant to try the sealant for exactly the same reason that ssfishx says, but I'm running out of options if there's no replacement source. I'll try and find a small sealing washer that size.

        SSfishx, it is the plate for the sending unit for the fuel gauge. I've long since removed it and just the plate sits there now so I need to seal it up somehow.

        Thanks to both of you for the replies.


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          You can probably pick up copper washers from parts store but if you have any friends that work on Cummins engines they use a lot of rubber sealing washers in their fuel systems


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            is this the gasket you need?


            if you have removed the sending unit you can put a bolt and nut through the hole for the electrical connection with a teflon or copper washer under the head of the bolt.

            or use one of these, might solve both your issues and give much better piece of mind...

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