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1979 Mako 17 Standard: My First Boat.. Mako!

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  • 1979 Mako 17 Standard: My First Boat.. Mako!

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    Hello Mako "Sharks" !!!

    My name is Randy, and I am from the East San Francisco Bay Area, California. I bought my first Boat, and it is a Mako! Classic 1979 Mako 17 Standard, powered by a 1998 Johnson 90HP VRO. Not sure how exactly this Shark miraculously ended up on this side of the country, but it is a true blessing.

    I will look forward to these upcoming life experiences in boating, and will happily share them with all of you through these forums. Although, it is a Classic, and I will need all of the help and support I can get from all of you. I also very much look forward in contributing to these forums and to its participants in any way that I can.

    Let the boating begin! =D

    Here are some pictures:

    Hope you enjoyed! Any comments, suggestions and/or recommendations, please let me know. Thanks!


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    No love for the Californian Classic Mako? ;(


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      Congrats on the purchase!Welcome is the floor not finished?Reason I ask is it looks like floor was tabbed to sides and not painted yet.that seat on the leaning post is high up.Any questions you came to the right place.What are your future plans?