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First Mako I've ever owned 1972 22cc

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  • First Mako I've ever owned 1972 22cc

    Hey guys,

    I've put a deposit on a 1972 22 Mako. It is in relatively rough shape but I think it is a fair deal at 4500.

    Anyone know what the deadrise is for this model? Are they worth a darn? I was kinda hoping to get a 24 degree hull but I know I'll like the shallower angle while anchored and burning less fuel.

    The transom visibly deflects from the weight of the motor while trimmed up. It doesn't look like a good job was done sealing up the old holes from when it was powered with twins. The jackplate used to run a 25" motor on a 20" transom, hasn't done it any favors. The floor is a little soft in some places. The hatch cover that the center console bolts to is really soft. It comes with electronics (not pictured) and the motor is a 99' model with VRO disabled. There are some blisters in the gelcoat. The trailer is very rusty in some places. Am I out of my mind buying this money pit? I'm hoping the motor/transom will get me through the fishing season.

    I'm not afraid of fiberglass work despite having no actual hands on experience. I naively envision closing in the transom, putting on a bracket and removing the livewells down the road. I was thinking about using nida core and epoxy. Would 1.5-2k$ in materials be a reasonable guesstimate?

    I'm going to sea trial it on Thursday. I hope to learn more about it when I talk with the owner during the sea trial. Thoughts?

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    My guess on materials is probably low. From what you are saying you know already what is wrong with this boat I am gonna say you are over paying by a lot. []

    You're gonna have som much time on repairing this that there is a good chance you may get frustrated in all the time with no use.
    1984 Mako 238 WA [br]2015 Suzuki 250 APX[br]Central PA/OCMD[br][br]


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      I would get that price down by at least 1500.Your estimate is probably on the money for just the transom.Can you get a surveyor to give you a value?Once the survey comes back you have a tool to negotiate with


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        What kind of condition is the mako in on the left?[]
        1984 Mako 238 WA [br]2015 Suzuki 250 APX[br]Central PA/OCMD[br][br]


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          From the way it looks looks like a wa model


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            Slow Jeep...lots of time, money and hard work goes into replacing a floor, transom and while you are at it...the fuel tank. It would be a worthwhile project if you are so inclined. I'd recommend two things...look over some of the projects on this site and see how long they took and how much went into them. If you still want to move forward, drop your offer way down. Best of luck and let us know how it turns out.