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Mako 17 (76')__cockpit drains replacement

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  • Mako 17 (76')__cockpit drains replacement

    My 17 Mako is 37 years old and the below deck drains are leaking. This makes for a very risky trip when the boat remains in the water for several days.

    I have the angler model.

    There are 2 cockpit drains, and 3 box drains. The 3 box drains are accessible via the large access hatch just in front of the engine.

    The 2 cockpit drains are not accessible through this hatch.

    There appears to be foam and a fiberglass sub-floor blocking access.

    I am really not wanting to separate the inner cockpit liner from the hull.

    Does anyone have any experience on replacing these drains and their hoses.


    Captiva Shack
    Glen Weeks

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    If they are leaking your boat more likely has water logged foam causing more weight back there keeping drains submerged and probably your boat may seem slower


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      It is a hard reach but you should be able to get to the cockpit drains. Mine had hose that was hose clamped onto the drain and i was able to reach and replace it. Cant say it ws easy but it can be done.