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Moisture in foam, pre-purchase check

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  • Moisture in foam, pre-purchase check

    I think this is the appropriate way to make my initial post??? Ive been lurking the site for a few weeks now and decided to get involved and seek some advice. Im looking at a 79-82' (not sure) 21' with a blown engine (planning on a re-power with a 200 hp 2 stroke E-tech) and I am wondering if there is a reasonable way to get a gauge on the moisture level in the foam before I buy. The boat is a friends who will not mind my investigative work. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

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    The only way to get to the foam is to start taking the boat apart.You can jack up the trailer high up front and see if you can see any water trying to go to the bilge.I would take a smell in the coffin area to see if you smell fuel.If you do chances are a tank replacement may be necessary.Check deck transom ect and look for any soft spots


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      someone posted on here before about getting the weight. If you can take it to a scale, compare that weight to factory specs, allowing for the motor, fuel, etc. to estimate water in foam
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