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  • Mako17 New to the boards!

    So me and my brother got a Mako 17 2 years ago, free... It had a Mercury 115hp on it, and a rotting trailer. We replaced the trailer right away, and now we finally got a 'new' used motor to replace the Merc. The boat needs a lot of cosmetic, but for now we just want to get her running and on the water!

    It's a 70s (I believe 72) Mako17. And we are putting a Johnson 88 motor on it.

    Any Mako tips or tricks would be appreciated! We just took off the old Mercury the other day, the Johnson should be here on Thursday.

    I can't wait to be on the water!

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    There is lots of great advice on here, helped me a with my tank replacement and partial refurbish, but like you I got it functional first and fishing is a priority []. The serial number on the hull will have the year embedded in it.

    I also have a 1988 johnson, 90 hp on mine, I detached the oil injector system and premix. Yesterday it was doing 30 mph on the gps, but need to raise the motor, there a couple of good threads around on adjusting motor height.

    Make sure you do not have fuel odors in the bilge or under the console, get a good fuel filter water/separator if you don't have one. Tank problems seem to be #1, with rot in wood cores a close second if not par.

    Post pictures with specific questions and you are sure to get a response.

    Have fun!
    Richard Snyder[br]Wachapreague, VA[br][br][br]


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      Thank you! We are probably going to use portable tanks, and not the built in (for now at least). Like you said, we want to be in fishing condition too! Haha.


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        Edit, I'm just going to start a topic in the project section!