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    Hey, name's David, new member from Tenn. Have been looking for a new (to me, used) boat. Something I can use in our lakes around here and also take to the coast for inshore and near shore fishing. Surfing the internet I was drawn to the Mako for its reputation for quality, sleek lines, performance and an almost cult like fascination for the brand. To date the largest boat I have owned is a 16' alum jonboat. Three questions for now. Is there a significant drop in quality in the post Tracker boats, what year model did that happen? Also, does a relative novice have any business buying a Mako (even a smaller one say 20') in the first place. After viewing your site for some time I have been very impressed with helpful, friendly, civil and almost family like atmosphere. sorry to ramble.



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    Welcome!It is an addiction.Some others may know about any quality drop off but I think the original Mako went from 1968-1988.Then went public with investors but original family that started it all were building the boats.Hurricane Andrew ripped the factory in 1992 and insurance wouldn't cover repairs.I want to say 1993-1994 is when tracker took over.As far as size boat whatever makes you feel comfy I guess[]