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Newly purchased 1976 Mako 20 resto.

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  • brando
    You will probably not know the full answer to that until your tearing it apart. That moisture may be in places thats not noticeable.

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  • Brasko
    started a topic Newly purchased 1976 Mako 20 resto.

    Newly purchased 1976 Mako 20 resto.

    Yesterday I purchased a 1976 Mako 20 on a trailer with what year to be determined merc 200 on it. $700 was all it took for me take it home. I'm planning on this being a bit of a project and am not really considering the motor to be of any value.

    While inspecting the boat I did confirm there are deck issues, however the transom appears very strong. I am planning on replacing the entire fuel system first and also any decking that needs attention. After that will come roll and tip painting and other cosmetic issues before a re-power.

    Questions: Given the transom seems strong, but knowing there might be moisture in it, how comfortable can I be with this part of the structure? Can I get away with only replacing the part of the deck that seems most affected by soft spots (where I need to reattach the leaning post)? Perhaps a list of the order of repairs would be good to put together.