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How to post pictures-QuickFix-8/15/15

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    Can anyone help me with pictures inthe post?I am a relatively new member of CM (since 12/28/2016). I am unable to get my photo link to work with my account. I established a Photobucket account with the picture and added it's IMG link to my account. This picture appears within my User Profile screen but not in my posts. Do you have any idea why this would occur? Please advise. Thank you in advance.
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      Since photobucket took a dump I'm trying imgur. I'm liking it a lot better. It's easier and faster.

      Just a tip. Use the BBCode

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        I hate PB, its why I dont post much. [xx(]
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          Originally posted by Triplecrownnc

          I hate PB, its why I dont post much. [xx(]

          Pony up $2.99 a month and you have a place to store a ton of photos. [8D]
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            As Sailor just stated Photobucket now charges for hosting 3rd party photo posting.

            When I logged into my Photobucket account it was asking for $399 a year. That is more than insane for my limited use, I guess I will have to look for another provider.

            In the meantime who are other members using to host photos for posting to the forum?

            Thank you,

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              Any other way to post photos without photo bucket. to upgrade to the plan that allows 3rd party sharing it is $399 per year. Ridiculous price!!!!


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                Why do nearly 50 % of the pictures on all posts not show and say "upgrade to 3rd party hosting"?. Is that an issue on my end, or is that photobucket saying the posts pictures won't appear unless they pay more? I'm asking because I want to set up an account to post some pictures, but I don't want to pay a monthly.


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                  It's photobucket, not you.

                  People are having good results with Imgur instead of photobucket.
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                    Looks like the BBCcode on IMGUR:


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                      Obviously I need to work on the sizing But it works from Imgur if you "generate image links" and then chose BBCodes (message boards and forums). Then copy the img code. Im on my way.


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                        just testing imgur

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                          Help!, Im trying to figure out posting with Imagur how is it done I cant' seem to find out.
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                            1990 286 [br]74 mako20


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                              Any tips on Google Photos? I've tried a few of the links I've found on 'how to fix' but doesn't seem to work.

                              I'm thinking it maybe the way the SNITZ forums handles the links, for sure it is, this works on Vbulletin


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                                I keep hearing about how good imgur is, prove it, I'm going to post text from now on, pictures, not likely ever.

                                CM is still one of the well run boating sites, I'm on Bandofboaters quite a bit as well as some other CM members.

                                CM rocks[)]

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